Encrusted With Filth

by Human Error

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Debut single from brand new slam/deathcore project featuring Luke Griffin (Scribe Of Existence/Meatslab/Ex Acrania) on vocals. Luke Harnoff (Vulvodynia/Engorging The Autopsy) on guitars and Jake Hadley (Scribe Of Existence/Ex Acrania) on drums.

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Uncover the vilest intent.
Everything is resting on the withered tips of rich mens tongues.
Time to get serious, you cunt.
Your fucking silence disgusts me.

Don't let their hero's blind you.
Don't let profit lead you, whore!

You're Filthy... Always wanting more.

More time lining your greedy pockets
While you disregard what matters…
Lost, in a downpour of rotting illusions!

Confusion, interpretations missed. While you follow the trail!
Just keep your eye on the prize: Mans gotta stack that paper.

Take greed's hand, adorned with diamonds.
Led down a golden pathway.
Entranced with riches.
Digging a shallow grave.

There you'll funnel money through machinery, like pulp through some plastic fucking tube.

Now hand over the money and then shove it down your greedy throat!

Gluttonously feasting upon cheap imitations.

You fill me with hate!
Feel my wrath.
You fill me with...
Pure fucking disgust.

As the smut flows through your veins
You wallow in jealousies tender grasp
For that's all you'll ever know.

Blindflolded and gagged.
Encrusted with so much filth, you can barely move!

Gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, wrath, envy… Pillars of pride holding structures of lies.
Gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, wrath, envy… Pillars of pride holding up houses of lies.

Everything is fading into darkness and I cannot see the benefit in running round in circles begging for some kind of reason for this mass illusive haven of materialistic cravings. It's insane if we agree that we did not think for ourselves.
That we should follow in the footsteps of others.
Only shadows should follow.
I say there is no path.
I say… Back the fuck up!

So remove the blindfold, cut the greed out of your heart.
Slice your ego open and lay it down for all to witness.

You coward…
You fucking cunt.

For everyone who's ever been put down by some kind of selfish and desperate act.
This is your your time, this is your time to fucking rise so…
Stand tall!
Let's see what fuck you're made of.

Pull out the tools for intrusive dissection of their close minded states.
And painfully cut out the silence from their insufficiently active free thought.


released January 29, 2016
Luke Griffin: Lyrics & Vocals.
Luke Haarhoff: All the guitars.
Jake Hadley: Drums.
Matt Mader: Mix & Mastering.


all rights reserved



Human Error London, UK

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